Searx and Gentoo wiki search

Posted on Mon 24 February 2020 in gentoo • Tagged with gentoo, searx

Two years ago I started to get interested in selfhosting services. I started to go away from private services and implementing selfhosting, manly because private services was disabling most of the features that I liked and I had no way to contribute or see how they was working.
That is …

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Getting control on my data

Posted on Mon 14 January 2019 in privacy • Tagged with privacy, servers, control

Since 2009 I started to get always more interested on privacy,
radical decentralization and self-hosting.
But only recently I started to actively work on keeping
my own privacy and making more strict my open source usage
(no dropbox, no google services).
The point of this more radical change is not …

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My First Review

Posted on Sun 13 January 2019 in Review • Tagged with test, keyboard, life

This was a test post but I think it can became a real post.
The test site post was this:
"Following is a review of my favorite mechanical keyboard."

I actually recently bought a new keyboard.
Usually I use a Happy Hacking Keyboard professional 2 english layout, I have two …

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