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Posted on Sun 13 January 2019 in Review

This was a test post but I think it can became a real post.
The test site post was this:
"Following is a review of my favorite mechanical keyboard."

I actually recently bought a new keyboard.
Usually I use a Happy Hacking Keyboard professional 2 english layout, I have two of them.
HHB_work HHKB_home

I really like my HHKB and I have no drow back on using it.
Both keyboard are modded with the hasu TMK controller.
The firmware is formatted with a colemak layout.

But recently I see the advertisment of the ulitmate hacking
Is interesting that is made by a crowd founding and that looks
heavily customizable.
Was looking pretty solid, so I bought one.
Here it is:

Having the key mark on the key, as a colemak user, was
enough useless.
But I had no problem remapping the firmware for following
the colemak layout.


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    First testing commit!

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    I'm looking forward to the next iteration of HHKB, it looks amazing!

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