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Posted on Mon 24 February 2020 in gentoo

Two years ago I started to get interested in selfhosting services. I started to go away from private services and implementing selfhosting, manly because private services was disabling most of the features that I liked and I had no way to contribute or see how they was working.
That is what made look into and That is when I disovered searx, as the github page say searx is a "Privacy-respecting metasearch engine".
As any selfhost service, you can install easily on your server or
also on the local computer.
For the installation instruction go here or use the searx-docker project.
As I use selfhosted services also because I like to contribute back,
after a few look I decided to add a meta-engine in searx.
Specifically a Gentoo wiki search meta-engine. Pull requeset #1368

Gentoo wiki search is usually enabled by default in the
it tab :)


Gentoo wiki search can also be used by the searx shortcut system (same as bang in duckduckgo if you have familiarity)

The Gentoo wiki search shortcut is !ge
for example

will give you this:

for concluding, have fun with searx and Gentoo!

I also highly recommend to have your own searx instance but you can play with public instances.


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    Hi, If you want even more craziness with self-hosting, check out the yacy search engine:

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